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Apple iPhone 7 Specifications, Price and Release date: Everything you want to know

Apple is now working on its next smartphone flagship and this time they are going to launch two giant smartphone as seen from past few years. As per latest reports we are going to see iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro or you can say iPhone 7S variant. Both devices are rumored to feature high end specs and far better software optimization. Although there is no official declaration on the naming of next iPhone but we are expecting something new this time. Here we have encapsulated complete information that you are looking to see for next generation Apple iPhone 7 smartphone.

Update: As per the rumors Apple is quite ready to launch iPhone 7, Apple is preparing something really gigantic device this time with new design, powerful specifications and outstanding features. IFA 2016 which is assumed to be launch event is also very near from now. Apple's competitors. As we know Samsung has announced to launch Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on August 2, 2016. We can expect a official confirmation from Apple as well to make their presence among mobile users.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs and Rumors

Apple is well known for coming up something really incredible, this year as well we are going to see a 4.7 inch and 5 inch iPhone 7 smartphone with a bit new design. Its going to be more thinner, slimmer in design and will features powerful specifications far better than its competitors. This year Apple has already made its moves with releasing iPhone SE which is now world's most powerful 4 inch smartphone. Apple iPhone 7 will have 4.7 inch IPS LCD display and iPhone 7 Pro / iPhone 7S will have 5 inch display with having powerful resolution and back light. Let's take a look on complete specs for upcoming iPhone 7 smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7: Full Specifications

Smartphone Apple iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Pro / iPhone 7S
Display 4.7 inch IPS LCD
3D Touch Display
5 inch IPS LCD
3D Touch Display,
Display Zoom
Protection IP68 Water & Dust Resistance,
Oleophobic Coating
IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, Oleophobic Coating
OS iOS 10 iOS 10
Processor Apple A10 Chipset Apple A10 Chipset
Storage 16GB / 64GB / 128 GB 16GB / 64GB / 128 GB
Camera 12 MP f/2.2 Primary,
5 MP Front camera
12 MP f/2.2 Primary,
5 MP Front camera
Features Phase Detection, OIS, HDR,
Dual LED Flash, Touch Focus,
Face / Smile Detection
Phase Detection, OIS, HDR,
Dual LED Flash, Touch Focus,
Face / Smile Detection
Others Fingerprint, Gyro, Accelerometer,
Proximity, Barometer, Compass,
Type-C USB
Fingerprint, Gyro, Accelerometer,
Proximity, Barometer,
Compass,Type-C USB
Networks GSM / CDMA / LTE / EVDO,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.2, A-GPS,
GSM / CDMA / LTE / EVDO,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.2, A-GPS,
Battery Non-Removable Battery Non-Removable Battery
Colors Rose Gold, Space Gray, Silver, Gold Rose Gold, Space Gray, Silver, Gold

So, above featured specification is enough to tell that next iPhone is going to be even more powerful. Well, this is rumored specs table we will update you soon with more accurate information here.

Now, let's go in more details.

Display and Design: While the shape and size of Apple iPhone 7 will remain same as iPhone 6, it will feature and upgraded design having slimmer body. This year we are not going to see headphone jack, with that you are not able to connect your weird headphones. You can connect your Bluetooth and lightning port enabled headphones easily that is one more step towards the future smartphone's as it will improve iPhone efficiency. Coming on display sizes, it will features 4.7 and 5.5 inches display as stated earlier.

RAM and Memory: Upcoming iPhone 7 will features 2 GB RAM, while iPhone 7S / iPhone 7 Pro can include 3GB RAM configuration. As we know Apple iPhone does not features external memory options. It will come with 16GB / 64 GB and 128 GB internal memory options which we think quite enough for all your storage needs.

Processor: While most of the specs of iPhone 7 are still unknown, as per present reports we have speculated that it will have an upgraded Apple A10 chipset made by TSMC. It will be one of the most advanced smartphone processor by Apple – TSMC and at least 20% faster then chipset used in iPhone 6.

Camera: It will have 12 megapixels camera with f/2.2 or even smaller aperture camera lenses at back and a 5 MP camera at front. As per rumors it will features dual-LED flash, OIS on both side, phase detection auto focus. It can record high quality images and videos, as per report iPhone 7 is can record 4k videos as well. Talking about camera features, it will have Geo-tagging, smile / face detection, HDR and touch focus etc.

Apple iPhone 7 Release date

As per rumors Apple is going to release iPhone 7 after the falls. We are expecting an early release at IFA 2016 event which is going to held in Berlin (2nd week of September). Below we have complete release date tables for Apple iPhone's with which we can judge that next iPhone is going to release in just few months.

Apple iPhone Model Release Date
Apple iPhone 4S October 2011
Apple iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus September 2014
Apple iPhone 6S September 2015
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S September 2016 (Expected)

Apple iPhone 7 Price

Apple always known for coming up with something really costly, but not this time. Apple iPhone 7 Prices are going to be quite affordable if we compare to its previous releases. As per reports iPhone 7 is going cost you around 650 USD for 4.7 inch model and price will go high up to 850 USD depending on storage and variant. Let's take look on iPhone 7 Price table below:

Country Name Apple iPhone 7 Price iPhone 7 Pro / iPhone 7S Price
Price in USA 650 USD 750 USD
Price in UK 450 Pound 530 Pound
Price in Canada 835 CAD 960 CAD
Price in INDIA 43500 INR 50000 INR
Price in Russia 43400 Ruble 50000 Ruble
Price in Dubai (UAE) 2400 Dirham 2750 Dirham
Price in Australia 870 AUD 1000 AUD
Price in Germany 565 Euro 650 Euro
Price in Japan 69500 YEN 80000 YEN

** The above mentioned price is based on present reports and data. Actual price may vary.

So far we have covered everything that you must know about upcoming Apple iPhone. We are going to update you soon with more details of iPhone 7. So, stay tuned with us and if you have anything to share with us then feel free to comment it below. Before leaving make sure to join our Facebook and Google+ pages as well so that you can get instant updates.

Apple iPhone 7 Price in India Features Images

Apple iPhone 7 Price in India Features Images:- Here I am talking about the upcoming smartphone of apple "iPhone 7" which is going to release in 2016. The phone is expected to release in 2nd week of September.

Now that the iPhone 6s and 6s plus smartphones are creating a new record with their sales and people are in a rush to buy the smartphone. We have been hearing rumours and reports claiming that the iPhone 7 will feature a dual edge display just like we have seen on Samsung galaxy S6 edge series smartphones and the best part of this is that Apple is in plans to ditch the headphone jack to make the iPhone flagship slimmer than it was before and we are not sure about how this idea would work considering users would want to have the 3.5MM audio jack for media consumption. Lets discuss further details of next generation iPhone 7 here.

Forgot what Steve Jobs had to say about big screen size because Apple iPhone 7 Price in India is going to be bigger. Yes, bigger than the bigger Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The screen size will add to the viewing pleasure as pictures are expected to be a lot crisper and videos are going to be clearer, actually larger-than-life. Learning the lesson from the clarity and screen issues of Apple iPhone 5, Apple will try to make sure that it does not repeat the mistake twice and gives its users a screen that has superior clarity. Processor is the backbone of any gadget. It ensures lag free and smooth performance for a phone. When it comes to processor, Apple has always deployed the best of technology and architecture in place to give you a faster and better performance.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus has already given a storage options to up to 128GB that makes the microSD card slot absolutely superfluous. Expect the Apple iPhone 7 to set even a better benchmark that most of OEMs would find difficult to beat. It could be 256GB or even unlimited, you never know! According to the rumors, Apple iPhone 7 Price in India is expected to have an in-built projector. This is not going to be the only phone to flaunt this feature as Samsung Galaxy Beam has a built-in projector that enables larger viewing experience via phone.

Apple iPhone 7 will let you enjoy unhindered Internet streaming with support for 4G connectivity currently offered by AT&T and SprintWith such powerful features and specs, the battery needs to be potent enough to juice the device properly. On this front, the indication for new battery technology is pretty strong that will allow you to use Apple iPhone 7 price in india for extended hours on a single charge. What is new here is the battery that will be environmental-friendly and will use the organic materials. This will replace the traditional Li-On battery and is expected to get recharged faster. Rumor mills are churning out Apple iPhone 7 news that App Store for Apple iPhone 7 will be flooded with several innovative applications to engage you even more. Given its power-packed processor, innovative apps, best ever under-the-hood specs and crisper display, Apple iPhone 7 Price in India is going to be costlier than all of its older siblings. On an average, you may end up shelling anywhere between $750 to $849 to own this piece of technological beauty.

We are completely clueless whether this pricing include a contract fee or not. However, as Android smartphone market is aggressively taking control of world mobile phone market, we can expect from the California-based company to keep the prices competitive enough to lure the larger segment as well as present an attractive buying proposition to fence sitters.

The height of speculations can go to a pretty crazy point with Apple. Also, we all know that the company always remains tight-lipped about its upcoming devices and software updates, to the level that it signs a MOU with the employees who are testing these. Only a few devices go outside the company’s premise for real-time testing and the employees, who are chosen to do this, are kept on a tight leash but that does not stop the rumor mills and never going to curb the debate over the features of Apple iPhone 7. Until the time, Apple announces the release date and price for the much-coveted Apple flagship, we must have to agree on the point that Apple iPhone 7 Price in India is going to be lighter, smarter, bigger and of course an intuitive smartphone than its predecessors. Meanwhile, let us all wait to get the first glimpse of Apple iPhone 7 with bated breath! learn more. iPhone 7 Specifications

Apple iPhone 7 Price in India. Check out the Latest New Smartphone Specs, Release & Launch Date, News, Images, Review & YouTube Video. Cost List valid in USA. 

15 iOS 9 Features That Make Your iPhone Ever Better

iOS 9 is here for some time and yes it is considered as one of the smoothest OS for Apple which is obvious that Apple has worked on their internal algorithms to make it a better OS for Apple smartphones. We have been using the iOS9 on our iPhone 6s for some time now and came up with a list of features that will make your iPhone even better. Do note by better we mean the app opening time, transitions loading time and making your iPhone faster. So without any further a du let's start with 15 iOS 9 features That Make Your iPhone Ever Better.

Apple is expect to launch iOS X with iPhone 7 which is reported to release in late 2016.

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15 iOS 9 Features That Make Your iPhone Ever Better

1) Smoother performance on old iOS devices
This is our favourite feature as it breathes new life into old iOS devices. As we reported earlier, iOS 9 brings smoother switching between apps, quicker load times and less lag on devices such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3.

2. Faster app switcher
Switching between apps is much faster on iOS thanks to a new interface. You can double-tap the home button to pull up the new interface, in which each app takes up less space on screen. You can also swipe upwards with four fingers on the iPad to pull up the new app switcher.
3. Better, faster Siri
Apple's virtual assistant Siri now does a much better job understanding Indian accents than ever before. We've also seen that it responds more quickly to queries. Siri can also respond to more contextual queries, such as: "Show me photos taken in Delhi".
4. Proactive assistance
This is one of the most useful features of iOS 9. Based on your usage, the OS will try to provide helpful suggestions. For instance when you plug in headphones, iOS 9 will suggest that you resume the podcast you had paused. Or, if an unknown number calls, iOS 9 will check your emails, to try and show you the contact's name. Proactive search also shows you nearby points of interest in some regions - such as places to visit for shopping, food, and more.

5. Better Spotlight search
Spotlight search can now search within apps as well. Type anything into the search bar and you will see results from within apps that have been updated to add support for this feature. iOS 9 will show apps you open or contacts you reach out to at any given time of the day. In some regions, people will also be shown interesting places to visit nearby and news based on what they've been reading on the Apple News app.
6. Battery optimisations
Apple's iOS 9 comes with a new low-power mode that automatically cuts data use and triggers other settings to extend your device's battery life. This can be found under Settings > Battery. With iOS 9, the iPhone's screen won't be switched on if the device is lying face down on any surface. Apple claims that these tweaks will improve your iOS device's battery life by one hour, with low power mode extending it even further.

7. Better security
The four-digit passcode can now be replaced with a six-digit code that is much harder to crack. While a four-digit code means there are only around 10,000 possible combinations, the new six-digit code takes that number up to 1 million.

8. iPad-only features
Apple's renewed focus on the iPad shows in the number of software tweaks exclusively available for the company's tablet line. The Notification Centre on the iPad show up in a neat two-column view - one for Today view and the other for notifications. The iPad also gets new features such as SlideOver (check another app while using the current one), Picture-in-Picture mode (watch a video while using other apps) and split-screen multitasking. SlideOver and Picture-in-Picture are available on the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro; split-view is only for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.
9. Improved keyboard
The default QuickType keyboard app on iOS 9 comes with a shortcut bar that lets you add attachments, copy or paste quickly, and even has undo and redo buttons. iPad users can swipe on the keyboard with two fingers to access the trackpad mode. This makes selecting and editing text a lot easier. If you connect a physical keyboard to the iPad, you can use several keyboard shortcuts such as command-tab to switch between apps, making the experience more laptop-like.
10. App thinning
This feature saves a lot of space on your iOS device. Your device will only download the resources needed for the app to run on your device, as opposed to downloading those needed for the app to run on all iOS devices. Game developers can let users download certain levels when players reach them rather than downloading all levels during installation.

11. Improved Notes app
You can now save attachments directly to the Notes app, via an extension. This is useful if you need to save links, maps, or documents. The Notes app also has an attachments browser that organises everything you save to the app. It also automatically turns lists into checklists and lets you add photos or even doodle.
12. Content blockers
Apple's Safari browser on iOS 9 supports content blocker extensions. These let you block ads and other elements on webpages. This will significantly reduce load times for websites, thereby reducing data usage and improving your device's battery life. This is restricted to iOS devices running 64-bit chips, which means it'll work only on iPhone 5s or newer, iPad Air or newer, and iPod touch 6th generation.

13. Quick replies
If you get a text notification, you can pull it down and reply without opening the Messages app. This has been possible since iOS 8. With iOS 9, third-party app developers can implement this feature. So, for example, when a notification pops up that someone has left a comment on your photo, you could quickly 'like' their comment or reply to it without interrupting your work - should Facebook decide to implement this feature.

14. iCloud Drive
There's a new iCloud Drive app on iOS 9. This will let you browse the contents of your iCloud Drive, while earlier you were limited to seeing your iCloud documents from within the apps where you had created them.
15. Return to apps quickly
When you open a Twitter link from the Mail app, you can now quickly return to Mail by tapping the Back to Mail link on the top left. This feature works with many other apps too, making switching between them a lot faster and simpler. This also eliminates the need for many iOS apps to design an in-built browser. You could click a link in the show notes in your podcast app, read it in Safari and return to the podcast app quickly by tapping the Back to Podcasts link.

We will soon update you with more details of iOS updates, iPhone 7 release date and iPhone 8 concepts here.

iPhone 7 Home Button Integrated Into Its Display Video

iPhone 7 has not yet been launched officially, but the rumour mill about the smartphone never stops and has anything to do with the official launch. There are many concept videos and images that are currently surfacing online but Design and build of the smartphone are what exactly we want and how Apple is going to come with iPhone 7 is what that matters. At the present movement the Apple is rumoured to have 4.7 and 5.5 inch models in their flagship. So, we are just waiting for September 2016 to see next generation iPhone smartphone this year. You can check out complete rumours about iPhone 7 Home Button integration here.

iphone 7 looks
iPhone 7 looks

iPhone 7 Has A Home Button Integrated Into Its Display

Thanks mostly to its home button, the iPhone needs a fairly large bezel around its display. But a new iPhone 7 concept gets around this by integrating the home button and Touch ID sensor into the screen itself.

Iphone 7 first look
iPhone 7 first look

iphone 7 leaked images
iPhone 7 images

iphone 7 leaked pictures
iPhone 7 images

iphone 7 leaked
iPhone 7 images

The device also has an illuminated Apple logo on its back, and a new rear-facing camera that boasts two sensors. Below we have an iPhone 6 concept video which has not been implement last year but most expected to come as iPhone 7 this year.

iPhone 7 Approach – New Cutting-edge Screen

The next iPhone needs to be innovative and the main part is the screen ! New amazing concept shows the next generation of the iPhone device, the iPhone 7. The next iPhone needs to be innovative and the main part is the screen ! New amazing concept shows the next generation of the iPhone device, the iPhone 7 with two screens. with two screens. The phone is expected to get an advanced 3D touch this year with 4k resolution display and powerful camera.

This Video Will Show You The Concept New cutting-edge Screen Of iPhone 7 :

Next Iphone aKa "iPhone 7" Specifications :

– 4.9 inch Full HD Sapphire front display, wrap around screen
– The next operating system of Apple, iOS 9

– Capacitive home button and Touch ID sensor with 700 dpi pixel density
– NFC sensor and bluetooth 4.2
– Apple A9 chip quad-core 1.8 GHz with 2x faster GPU
– 13 MP rear camera, 2k@30fps, 1080p@120-480fps
– 2260 mAh battery with light indicator around the lightning connector (Read Full Specs Here)

Trendng Now :- Iphone 7 Home Button Feature[Images And Video]

Some Concept images Of iPhone 7 :-

iPhone 7 innovative Screen images

iPhone 7 innovative Screen images

iPhone 7 innovative Screen images

iPhone 7 innovative Screen images

Conclusion : These Images And Videos Are Just A Concept And Not Official stuff. Who knows Hows new Iphone or iPhone 7 will Look like. these are just futuristic Imaginations Of The people.Hope You Enjoyed This Article, Plese share this article On Your Socal Media Profiles So Others Can reach to the future Apple iPhone. You can leave you comments and thoughts for this new iPhone 7 approach from below form.

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